This is what clients are saying about Mama Moon Midwifery



"I first met Erin when she was a student midwife. I knew she was something special right off the bat, so it only made sense to hire her as our midwife when she opened her practice. Erin has a gentle yet professional way about her. I felt listened to and respected during my entire prenatal experience. She honored my autonomy while providing me guidance when needed. Erin was always prompt in her correspondence. She allowed me the opportunity to have the most satisfying birth I could have imagined. I would recommend Erin's midwifery services to anyone looking for a caring and respectful health care provider!”



"We had a wonderful experience with Mama Moon Midwifery! Erin was always available for any questions we had, both during pregnancy and postpartum. She was extremely proactive in my prenatal care as I had some health issues. She helped us to feel completely comfortable in our first out of hospital experience and to achieve the birth we desired. I felt extremely supported throughout my whole pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. We would highly recommend her services to any expecting mom!”


Ben and Laura

"We would not hesitate to work with Erin again; she was exactly the care provider that we needed during my wife's pregnancy and the birth of our son. Even though we experienced complications during our birth, requiring that we transfer into the hospital, Erin was not phased and guided us through every step of the process. Through 51 hours of labor (30 at home and 21 more in the hospital), she remained even-keeled and advocated for us at the hospital when we were overwhelmed by hospital staff and too stressed to do so ourselves. I can't express enough how grateful we were for this. Erin is clearly passionate about her work and it shows in the dedication to her clients."


Mira and David

"I would highly recommend Erin as a Midwife. I decided to do a home birth after 31 weeks of pregnancy after some concerns I had with a hospital birth. Erin was willing to take us as a patient and I do not regret it one bit. Although there were complications with my pregnancy, we did have to transfer into the hospital but she also advocated for us. We were being toyed around at the hospital and she was there every step of the way knowing what we wanted for our baby girl. There were questionable things the doctors wanted to do or give our baby and we asked Erin and she helped us understand those things and helped us make the best decision for our girl. ”


Larissa and Rafa

Why did I choose the midwife model of care? I always dreamed of having a home birth because I believe in women’s power and trust in mother nature. I am from Brazil, and there when we pick a doctor for prenatal care, we deliver the baby with the same doctor. A person with whom you are familiarized with. When I arrived here in the US and people said I wouldn’t deliver with my own physician but with the one who would be at the hospital when I start labor, I did not feel confident. This was one of the reasons I looked for a midwife. When I arrived here, pregnant, I picked a regular health service. I found the physician I picked was nice, but when comparing to the midwife I chose later, there is no comparison. I finally started to be treated in a really personalized and kind way. A professional who offers one hour appointments during pregnancy instead of the quick ones I had before. She respects my birth preferences. She listened to me and cares about my dreams and about how I feel. I felt really confident having a person that I knew would help me birth in a way I have dreamed of all my life. After delivery, she was “the one.” While the pediatrician was worried only about my baby, she was taking care of both: me and my baby. I had a lot of difficulty breastfeeding, and she was the only one who supported me all along my path while the pediatrician and other lactation consultants kept telling me to give my baby formula in a bottle. Besides all of this, she listened to me throughout the tough mission that breastfeeding has been and helped me avoid having baby blues. She came to me a lot of times with knowledge, and a full of love way. My husband never dreamed about having a baby at home with a midwife. At the beginning he thought it was crazy. Now he is a person who will defend with all of his heart why we chose to have a home birth with a midwife. For all these reasons I feel so good with the decision we made. We are grateful for all Erin has done for us.



My labor and delivery experience with my second child was more empowering for me as a woman than I could have dreamed with choosing a homebirth as my birth plan and Erin, my midwife as my provider. My first child was born in a hospital as planned however the birth plan quickly turned into a birth preference that felt as if it was ignored or neglected from the start of my arrival to L&D that evening. I ended up scared and vulnerable and in fear of pain every 3 minutes while the hospital staff insisted the pain meds would make it all go away. I inevitably ended up with an epidural, internal stitching, a tough start to breastfeeding and my son with jaundice. Ultimately, I have a beautiful son however I was left feeling broken and like a failure for giving into the suggestions that the pain was too much for me to handle. 

With Erin (and Jess) as our midwife, my daughter and I were both their patients through the entire process. I was not just the vessel carrying the prize, my body and my experience were just as much of the priority as catching a healthy baby. I hadn’t realized that I carried so much of the pain from my first experience with me until Erin and I were discussing the potential of a hospital induction for me as I ended up with high blood pressure in my last month of pregnancy. I became teary eyed at the word Pitocin and even now it brings a tear just thinking of that first labor and delivery.

Managing my high blood pressure led me to have both Erin as my midwife and Dr. Beatse as my medical provider. I will admit that though I was hopeful for a natural home birth, Dr. Beatse and Erin eased my mind about a hospital induction.  Erin continued providing my prenatal care with Dr. Beatse assisting in managing my blood pressure and fostering my plans for a homebirth. They collaborated care for me which allowed me to push off a potential induction until 41 weeks, allowing my daughter the time she needed, coming 2 days prior to my induction date, on her own, in our home.

Reflecting on this experience 10 days after my daughters arrival, I have never felt more empowered as a woman. Erin encouraged and motivated me through the laboring process and I felt genuinely nurtured. I ended up feeling more in control this time – not fearful of the pain, but ready to accept the pain and imagine the arrival of my daughter through each one. This time, I ended up with nurturing hands and encouraging words as my pain management, no tearing internally or externally, a daughter who latched early and was back to birth weight within the first week and a body that feels back to normal. Ultimately I feel that my second experience, with Erin as my midwife, not only gave me the birth experience I was looking for, but it assisted in healing my past experience and has left me feeling strong and trusting of the amazing and beautiful female body.



I found Erin pretty late in my pregnancy but I am so very grateful I did. I spent the first 20 something weeks with a traditional OB/GYN and I was super disappointed with my care. Besides unnecessary manipulation with fear, my OB/GYN visits were always rushed, extremely impersonal, and usually with a new doctor or nurse each appointment. My birth plan was never discussed and anything natural I wanted was discouraged or seemed to be an inconvenience for the staff. I knew I wanted a doula at least and a friend recommended Well Rounded. It was then that I found the midwifery group for birthing babies at home and at the birth center. 

I interviewed a few midwives and really felt comfortable with Erin right away. She has a gentle, kind, but direct way of communicating. I liked her extensive background birthing babies in other countries and great knowledge of everything and anything baby. Erin was always available for questions and I never felt like a bother. She always took her time with us, during visits and with random calls or texts. I felt like an individual, not a number. She really listened to our concerns and desires and did everything to make it a wonderful birth experience according to our very well collaboratively constructed birth plan.

I honestly would describe my birth experience magical. We ended up using Well Rounded Birthing center with Erin as our attending midwife. I wanted to use hypnotherapy during my birth and Erin was open to supporting any ideas I had about birth while educating me on other perspectives in a respectful way. I used parts of hypnobirthing but also other elements from the Bradley way. I was free to move as I felt. I was given the option of water labor and used it. I was allowed to eat and drink water. She was accompanied by another midwife which was fantastic support for both my husband and I. Throughout the entire process I felt respected, in control of my body, supported and safe. Though I was a low risk pregnancy with no complications, I'd trust Erin and her cohorts with a high risk pregnancy any day. Her expertise is vast but had there been a situation that required surgery or something she wasn't able to do she has the integrity to take mama and baby to a hospital safely and in a timely manner.

Additionally Erin's attentiveness to aftercare was out of this world. She came to our home and guided me through the challenges of breastfeeding and the first six weeks of baby care. I felt so comfortable with Erin, I was a bit sad when time was up. However she has continued to be a support with resources and available for questions. I can frankly say I look back at my birth and those first baby days with such fondness and warmth. I didn't have to have the scary and terrible birth experience I've seen and heard about, thanks to Erin and Well Rounded. I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about Erin and Well Rounded Birth Center. Please empower yourself to seek Erin's midwifery if you are feeling any negativity from your OB/GYN. I'm so very glad I did.