Mama Moon Midwifery takes both Medicaid and private insurances, and can create payment plans to ensure families are not burdened financially when making the choice to use midwifery care.

No family will be turned away because they cannot afford it. Payment plans and financial hardship options are available upon request.


private insurance

The out of pocket cost of homebirth differs for each individual as insurance plans vary. In order to determine what your insurance will cover, you will need to place a call to your insurance company and ask the following questions:


What is my out of network deductible?

What is my out of network copay?

What is my in-network deductible?

What is my in-network copay?

Are midwives covered under my plan?

Is homebirth covered under my plan?

Is pre-approval needed for homebirth?

Is there an option to apply for an in-network gap exception?

After these questions are answered the midwife can help determine an out of pocket cost for midwifery and homebirth services.


Midwives are now covered under BadgerCare in the state of Wisconsin as of January 2017. There is a small out of pocket fee to cover the cares necessary in homebirth, but not covered by Medicaid. The midwife will provide information of costs if you are covered under BadgerCare.


self pay

For clients who are not covered under insurance, there is a self-pay option as well. The midwife can help determine whether or not applying to Medicaid is an option, or if a payment plan is needed to cover costs of midwifery care.